Creativity Integrity Commitment

My name is Geraldine Sparacia Bove,  the founder and artistic director of Geraldina Jewelry.  Over the last decade I have dedicated myself to jewelry design & creating trendy yet classic jewelry collections for women.  I like to call it 'Snappy Casual', borrowing the term from the Italians!

Eleven years ago my driving force of inspiration came from being a single mother and having to raise, support and take care of my two beautiful daughters Eden & Liv.  Years later I realized the positive impact it had on them as they watched me start a business from scratch and turn it into a profitable  & sustainable company.  The conception of the business started with one single broken necklace.  It was my favorite piece and it laid in my jewelry box broken for 8 years.  Having stumbled upon the same bead while shopping, I decided to fix it myself. I went home, googled how to wire wrap and fixed my beloved necklace! Afterwards, I had an entire strand left over so I continued to wire wrap making three multi-layer necklaces.  Shortly thereafter, I attended a vendor show at my gym and sold all three necklaces before the show was even over!  In addition to needing the extra money, I discovered that I really loved making jewelry and it was a great outlet for my creativity as well as my sanity!    I knew I was on to something. I put my blinders on and never looked back. 

The collection consists of a stunning selection of Diamonds, 14kt, 18kt, Gold Vermeil & Sterling Silver. In addition to in-house design work and being handmade, partnering closely with a unique manufacturing company has brought a fresh look to my designs.   Myself and my team of hand selected dedicated craftsman have created a full line of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, all made to be worn with jeans, or for your most sophisticated events!

Every day continues to be a  journey filled with excitement, revelation, reward and sometimes mishap, growth and renewed self confidence.   

Have a look around and when you find something you can't live without, click the shopping cart and await something very special coming your way soon.

Thank you for your interest.  You're the reason we are here.